Censure meaning in hindi | Censure ka matlab 

Censure meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Censure 
Usage of Censure: 1: Please don't censure us for doing our duty . 2: Ultimately he was to live abroad to escape the censure of British society 3: The House also has the power to formally censure or reprimand its members 4: BITE means, figuratively, gossiping, back, criticize, censure bitterly 5: censure the government 6: Children who enjoy censure 7: ecclesiastical censure by which it is cut off from the church communion, major Excommunication, one that cuts off completely from the communion of the church and all the faithful communion with 8: He incurred the censure 9: It also means Resume, blame, censure 10: It means also, figuratively and familiarly, criticize, censure
Censure ki paribhasha : vedaant shaastr ke anusaar aadhyaarop ka niraakaran chndrama par kaala daag kisi vyakti ya vastu ka doshakathan

Censure synonyms
condemnation rebuke reprimand obloquy castigation reprehension stricture admonition disapproval blame objection remonstrance reproof admonishment reproach dressing down discipline castigate chastise scold denounce chide berate rebuff disapprove asperse incriminate reprove ostracize reprehend attack lecture backbite cavil impugn denigrate upbraid judge knock remonstrate deprecate contemn abuse disparage cut up tell off animadvert carp at exprobate find fault with get after look askance pick apart pull apart read out take to task tear apart
Censure antonyms
praise compliment encouragement endorsement ratification recommendation agreement approval acceptance sanction laud forgive protect cherish permit flatter approve defend allow 
Usage of Censure in sentences

The word is used as noun verb in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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