Chant meaning in hindi | Chant ka matlab 

Chant meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Chant 
Usage of Chant: 1: The Hatałii will select a specific healing chant for that type of ailment. 2: The simplicity of chant 3: Mozarabic chant was used and shows the influence of North African music. 4: Gallican chant was used in Gaul, and Celtic chant in Ireland and Great Britain. 5: This body of chant became known as Gregorian Chant. 6: Gregorian chant had superseded all the other Western chant traditions 7: Gall in Switzerland began experimenting with adding another part to the chant 8: All of these genres save one were based upon chant 9: Then it is offered special food and people chant different religious slogans. 10: Gregorian chant originated in Monastic life
Chant ki paribhasha : baar baar kisi poojy ya devata aadi ka naam lena taala, svar ke niyam ke anusaar shabd uchchaaran karana vah vaakya, pad ya chhnd yo gaaya jaata ho kisi isht vastu ya sukh aadi ko praapt karane ki ichchha raam snbndhi ya krashnalila snbndhi bhajan aur katha aadi

Chant synonyms
hymn shout melody singing tune lilt warble incantation psalm intonation croon carol mantra trill recite intone descant vocalize drone cantillate doxologize 
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The word is used as noun verb in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun, verb or transitive verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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