Chapter meaning in hindi | Chapter ka matlab 

Chapter meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Chapter 
Usage of Chapter: 1: Read the eighteenth chapter of Gita. 2: he read a chapter every night before falling asleep 3: Partition is the most saddest chapter in the history of India. 4: Read the thirteenth chapter from Bhagavat Gita. 5: He has delimited himself to his home.
Delimit your area of research in the first chapter itself.
6: Every chapter has a prologue. 7: Read the twelfth chapter from Mahabharata. 8: The subject is treated vividly in the following chapter . 9: Glossary is given after the last chapter of the book. 10: The Medak chapter of St.Thomas church met in Hyderabad yesterday.
Chapter ki paribhasha : vah bad pradesh jisapar koi shaasan vyavastha ho ek men mili hui bahut si chijon ko ek saath hilaana ya jhataka maarana jisamen ve chhitara jaayan baaantane ko kriya ya bhaav grnth ya pustak ka aisa vibhaag ya khnd jisamen pradhaan vishay ke angabhoot par svatntr vishay ka varnan ya vivechan hota hai aparaadhi ko dnd dene ka kaashth ka ek yntr vah sthaan jahaaan bahut se log milakar baithe hon

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division episode member affiliate branch phase unit stage clause period topic part offshoot wing
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The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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