Chill meaning in hindi | Chill ka matlab 

Chill meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Chill 
Usage of Chill: 1: Max put the chill on the guys who threatened him . 2: The lowest recorded wind chill was of -47.8 °C on January 8 3: Factoring in the wind chill 4: Accounting for the wind chill factor 5: The chill of death 6: The chill of the season 7: The evening chill 8: This new cast a chill in the assembly 9: This reading ran a chill in the
Chill ki paribhasha : jaade ki adhikata se angon ki sikudn asvasthaata ya bimaari jo saradi lagane se hoti hai aur jisamen sharir men kaph utpann ho jaane ke kaaran naak aur muanh se kaph nikalata hai, jvaraansh rahata hai, sir bhaari rahata aur dard karata hai

Chill synonyms
freezing chilly icy frigid biting wintry frosty sharp brisk arctic cool bleak gelid glacial nippy discouraging solitary reserved hostile depressing dispiriting withdrawn formal dismal distant emotionless hateful indifferent standoffish stony unemotional unhappy unresponsive uncompanionable ungenial unwelcoming coldness rawness coolness iciness sharpness rigor bite frigidity gelidity crispness refrigerate freeze congeal ice air-condition dishearten dampen dismay dash deject demoralize disparage cloud
Chill antonyms
friendly responsive kind heated hot warm slow temperate sympathetic sociable extroverted outgoing warmth hearten incite continue encourage inspirit uplift 
Usage of Chill in sentences

The word is used as adjective noun, verb in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun, verb or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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