Close up meaning in hindi | Close up ka matlab 

Close up meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Close up 
Close up ki paribhasha : kisi rikt paatr aadi ka kisi aur padaarth padne ke kaaran poorn hona

Close up synonyms
prohibit bar halt prevent suppress outlaw restrict exclude proscribe inhibit curse blackball disallow interdict enjoin banish pass by shut out illegalize close down declare illegal ice out pass up secure lock bolt cinch make fast push seal draw fasten fold slam enclose imprison confine cage shut down batten down drop the curtain fold up put to wall off cut off muzzle subdue mute muffle gag quell quash squelch stifle clam dampen soft-pedal lull deaden extinguish still dull cut short dumb hush-hush shut up overawe tongue-tie choke off clam up cool it decrease the volume dry up dummy up keep it down pipe down quiet down say nothing sit on strike dumb hold one's tongue hush one's mouth profile autobiography sketch picture journal life story diary memoir saga life history rã©sumã© experiences confessions letters adventures close-up personal account personal anecdote personal narrative personal record vita likeness image snapshot print portrait positive negative slide transparency blowup photostat polaroid microfilm pix kodachrome kodak pinup shoot illustrate reproduce capture turn get lens copy roll take cinematize x-ray capture on film get a likeness get a shot make a picture photoengrave audit search review analysis surveillance investigation inquiry inspection perusal scan study exploration tab survey eagle eye sifting long hard look perlustration the eye point of view concept sentiment impression mind thought attitude consideration opinion feeling judgment notion deduction conception conviction inference slant twist say-so persuasion value judgment judgment call way of thinking two cents' worth head shot identification photo identification photograph passport photo police photograph
Close up antonyms
permit release include welcome allow push let go admit loosen unlock open unfasten unlatch free let out encourage start help communicate talk be noisy agitate disturb irritate misunderstand fail lose physicality ignorance concrete thing 
Usage of Close up in sentences

The word is used as noun verb in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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