Cold sweat meaning in hindi | Cold sweat ka matlab 

Cold sweat meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Cold sweat 
Cold sweat synonyms
restlessness apprehension suffering uncertainty disquiet misgiving mistrust angst doubt uneasiness dread misery suspense trouble panic concern distress foreboding heebie-jeebies watchfulness fuss solicitude downer flap drag care disquietude botheration sweat goose bumps pins and needles all-overs shivers shakes jumps fidgets fretfulness willies creeps butterflies worriment ants in pants nail-biting dismay horror suspicion despair terror scare worry cowardice phobia agitation faintheartedness nightmare revulsion presentiment timidity reverence qualm tremor awe consternation abhorrence discomposure aversion cold feet chickenheartedness recreancy trembling bãªte noire alarm shock quaking trepidity gloom despondency tension impatience sensitivity stage fright anger turbulence perturbation stimulation animation to-do tizzy discomfiture fluster delirium feverishness neuroticism neurasthenia dithers moodiness touchiness trembles excitability quivers tremulousness excitement emotion palpitation disturbance blue funk anxiousness
Cold sweat antonyms
calm calmness collectedness happiness joy advantage contentment composure nonchalance tranquility ease certainty security sureness peace confidence trust belief faith blessing peacefulness assurance encouragement liking bravery fearlessness heroism unconcern cheer love comfort like beauty relaxation discouragement health pleasure benefit 
Usage of Cold sweat in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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