Comity meaning in hindi - Comity का मतलब हिंदी में 

Comity meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Comity 
As noun : अखलाक
प्रश्रयणा लियाकत व्रीड़न शिष्टता संप्रश्रय सौजन्य उ:   १९वीं सदी का चित्र के सौजन्य से।
Comity ki paribhasha : ek prakaar ka saaanp vah achchha barataav jo keval dikhalaane ke liye kiya jaay

Comity synonyms
cordiality harmony togetherness amicableness neighborliness good vibrations hitting it off same wavelength simpatico compassion generosity altruism kindness gift kindheartedness sympathy goodness feeling humanity unison concordance concert unanimity tranquility peace accord understanding agreement consensus placidity consonance calmness serenity chime rapport tune reverence deference chivalry amiability address culture respect indulgence thoughtfulness ceremony gentleness familiarity solicitude elegance favor cultivation urbanity suavity tact attentiveness refinement affability consideration geniality polish gallantry complaisance courteousness amenities courtliness graciousness gallantness good behavior good breeding camaraderie warmth congeniality conviviality comradery open arms pact love devotion closeness society intimacy affection solidarity alliance esteem attraction sodality affinity fondness attachment favoritism company regard partiality fusion association league empathy coalition amicability acquaintanceship brownie points charity good deed helpfulness tolerance good side of right side of charm decorum propriety amenity compliance agreeability agreeableness amiableness congenialness cordialness benignity office charitableness benefaction beneficence philanthropy benignancy oblation grace gentility
Comity antonyms
discord aloofness hostility ill will dislike hatred disagreement cruelty harshness incompatibility animosity selfishness spite meanness greediness malevolence unkindness disharmony disturbance agitation disunity disdain disregard fear disrespect thoughtlessness ignorance coldness coolness bad manners discourtesy pompousness disfavor roughness unfriendliness crudeness neglect impoliteness unmannerliness hate antagonism disunion divorce estrangement separation fairness impartiality enmity opposition justice division disassociation indifference mercilessness dishonor 
Usage of Comity in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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