Constitution meaning in hindi | Constitution ka matlab 

Constitution meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Constitution 
Usage of Constitution: 1: a clause in the U.S. constitution prevents sitting legislators from receiving emoluments from their own votes 2: No constitution allows a stateless person to be a Prime minister. 3: the constitution of a PTA group last year 4: Amendement to constitution is a parloiamentary issue. 5: All the members should follow the constitution of this institute. 6: As per the article 88 of the constitution 7: 1992. On the next day, the first Crimean constitution was put into effect. 8: On April 4, 1996, a new constitution was put into effect. 9: Smuts worked on the new constitution for the Transvaal 10: Smuts and Botha took the constitution to London
Constitution ki paribhasha : pramaanapoorvak kisi vishay ko siddh karana kisi kaary ka aayojan taratib ya kram se rakhana mool ya pradhaan gun jo sada bana rahe jaisa,—k rogi ki dasha achchho nahin hai sada bana rahanevaala mool ya pradhaan gun vidhi ya nishchay ke anukool praatibndh kisi kaary ka vah vidhaan jo shaastron aadi ke dvaara nishchit ya nirdhaarit hua ho ek sima men, jo adhik ya atynt kam na ho, thaharaana katha men ghatanaaon ka kram vyavasthaapan

Constitution synonyms
structure nature form habit character frame temperament physique habitus vitality content construction formation architecture disposition essence design type composition contents build charter code legislation custom organization lawmaking written law
Constitution antonyms
disarrangement disorganization 
Usage of Constitution in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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