Crude meaning in hindi | Crude ka matlab 

Crude meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Crude 
Usage of Crude: 1: Petrol is a secondary fuel obtained from crude petroleum. 2: Copper occurs in the crude form as sulphide 3: The man had a crude bomb on him. 4: The Parsi plays contained crude humour 5: Other designs include the crude pulse jet 6: Because Ptolemy derived many of his key latitudes from crude longest day values 7: California’s refineries process crude oil from Alaska and foreign suppliers. 8: The script was said to be crude and almost unreadable. 9: The hydrocarbons in crude oil are mostly alkanes 10: Early production of crude petroleum in the United States: By 1910
Crude ki paribhasha : ek prakaar ka bad aur ooancha vraksh jisaki lakadi bahut majaboot hoti hai aur praaya: imaarat ke kaam men aati hain sabha ya goshthi men baithane ke naakaabil khaaye hue ann ka kachchaa, na pacha hua mal jo saphed aur lasila hota hai door door par pad hua taage ka vah dobh jisapar daraji bakhiya karate hain jo apane sthaan par upayukt na jaan pade saahityashaastr ke anusaar kaavyaadi men aise shavdon ka prayog jinase brida, jugupsa aur amngal ki abhi- vyakti hoti ho jo kaat chhaaantakar durust na kiya gaya ho

Crude synonyms
boorish indecent rude savage cheap obscene raw clumsy coarse lewd crass gross rough foul barnyard awkward backward dirty earthy filthy ignorant indelicate inelegant insensible loud loutish oafish raunchy smutty tacky tactless uncouth unenlightened ungainly unskillful cloddish grody ill-bred loud-mouthed lowbred primitive harsh simple rudimentary makeshift unprocessed homemade amateurish outline rustic green thick homespun callow immature impure inexpert sketchy undeveloped unfinished unformed unprepared untaught untrained prentice in the rough rough-hewn ungraded unmatured unmilled unproficient unsorted unworked unwrought
Crude antonyms
polite kind moral tasteful planned stilted refined sophisticated clean decent pure nice smooth delicate gentle polished formal soft 
Usage of Crude in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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