Cry down meaning in hindi | Cry down ka matlab 

Cry down meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Cry down 
Cry down synonyms
curse excoriate expel abuse confound slam blaspheme castigate anathematize penalize imprecate doom sentence proscribe attack convict jinx pan cuss punish objurgate censure revile blast banish execrate criticize swear flame excommunicate darn cast out complain of denunciate drat fulminate against inveigle against object to thunder against minimize belittle denounce condemn disgrace undervalue asperse malign rap vilify traduce reprehend discredit underestimate depreciate derogate reprobate hit discount underrate detract downgrade diminish knock lower defame devalue calumniate bad-mouth put down run down write off rail against do a number on dump on mark down opprobriate poor-mouth take away take swipe at throw stones at dismiss ridicule denigrate deride scorn slander degrade dispirit deject chill discourage dishearten deprecate disdain smear demoralize roast scorch sour grapes tear down dispraise downcry put hooks in
Cry down antonyms
compliment laud praise permit welcome protect benefit reward include exonerate cherish exalt admit allow defend approve bless commend elevate favor glorify promote honor respect overrate exaggerate increase sanction applaud esteem overvalue overestimate flatter admire hearten maximize encourage inspirit 
Usage of Cry down in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi 
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