Curious meaning in hindi | Curious ka matlab 

Curious meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Curious 
Usage of Curious: 1: Her poetic compositions are very curious to listen. 2: He had a curious singsong voice. 3: He is curious to know the result 4: One producer said, "Aubrey is one of the most insatiably curious guys I know". 5: Leutgeb and Mozart carried on a curious kind of friendly mockery 6: Hamburg is also home to a curious regional dessert pastry called Franzbrötchen. 7: Simple-minded and curious 8: Other research indicates that juveniles are deeply curious about all new things 9: Kakapo are a curious species and have been known to interact with humans. 10: Along with hundreds of curious New Yorkers
Curious ki paribhasha : nyaayaalay men nyaayaadhish ke samaksh upasthiti yogy vismayapurn ghatanaa, padaarth ya vastu puraananusaar rauchy manu ke ek putr ka naam chaahi hui baat men der na sahakar usake udyog men tatpar

Curious synonyms
inquisitive interested analytical impertinent inquiring intrusive meddlesome meddling nosy prurient prying puzzled questioning searching interfering investigative snoopy disquisitive examining inspecting peeping peering scrutinizing tampering exotic unusual puzzling remarkable peculiar extraordinary strange mysterious wonderful weird unique bizarre marvelous novel oddball quaint queer rare singular unconventional unexpected unorthodox
Curious antonyms
unconcerned disinterested indifferent uninterested usual incurious average normal ordinary standard commonplace familiar regular 
Usage of Curious in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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