Cut rate meaning in hindi | Cut rate ka matlab 

Cut rate meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Cut rate 
Cut rate ki paribhasha : jisaka mooly saadhaaran se kuchh kam ho

Cut rate synonyms
despise disparage debase degrade belittle derogate lower contemn stoop decry sink scorn abase pan descend bad-mouth bemean cast down cut down to size dump on knock down poor-mouth blister undervalue reduce disesteem discredit cheapen decrease underrate withdraw diminish backbite devaluate depreciate laugh at write off draw away vilipend misprize subtract from knock off take down revalue devalorize mark down nose dive write down exemption rebate deduction premium concession allowance remission commission abatement drawback subtraction qualification depreciation diminution percentage salvage modification markdown rollback tare knock-off something off reasonable dime a dozen fair low-priced moderate modest reduced sound steal bought for a song cost next to nothing cost nothing dirt cheap dog cheap low tariff marked down on sale quite a buy lessen play down underestimate downplay curtail dwarf deprecate prune attenuate pooh-pooh shrink abbreviate put down run down miniaturize underplay make light of make little of competitive bargain budget irregular nominal standard utility at a bargain bargain-basement bargain-counter cheapo cut-price cut-rate depreciated easy on the pocketbook half-priced lowered popularly priced real buy slashed uncostly undear worth the money shaky decrepit insubstantial tacky rickety feeble shallow gossamer wobbly frail slight defective delicate diaphanous fragile gauzy inadequate infirm meager sheer slapdash sleazy superficial transparent unsound unsubstantial weak chiffon house of cards papery rinkydink thrifty dirt-cheap real steal paltry sparse insignificant deficient small shoddy depleted scant inferior trifling puny second-rate substandard worthless low-grade
Cut rate antonyms
admire laud praise honor upgrade increase compliment exalt enhance improve approve elevate value rise boost overrate enlarge grow exaggerate add to overvalue overestimate expand extend commend develop optimize premium addition mark-up expensive wasteful careless uncareful uneconomical unreasonable lengthen prolong build up strengthen maximize excellent valuable worthy costly dear noble precious priceless superior sophisticated upper healthy sturdy convincing plausible strong sound thick firm heavy solid substantial tough serious high-priced high-cost wealthy adequate sufficient enormous huge immense enough excessive unlimited increased honest honorable moral cheerful rich great big important significant full liberal outrageous above tall elevated prominent decent respectable upright gay happy well 
Usage of Cut rate in sentences

The word is used as adjective noun, verb in english grammar. The word can be used as or noun in hindi. 
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