Damages meaning in hindi | Damages ka matlab 

Damages meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Damages 
Usage of Damages: 1: A sportsman damages his sportscard in the race. 2: 6-hydroxydopamine damages neurons by oxidative mechanisms. 3: Some Objectivists and libertarians claim that socialism damages the individual. 4: Property damages to the offshore oil industry totaled US$100 million . 5: Although radiation damages both cancer cells and normal cells 6: Indonesia's Supreme Court awarded Suharto damages against Time Asia magazine 7: The steamboat owner sued for damages 8: No deaths, injuries or significant damages were reported in Hawaii. 9: Croix, which suffered heavy damages to property and crops
Damages ki paribhasha : vah chij jo nusasaan bharane ke liye di ya li jaay vah dhan ya vastu jo kisi ko us nukasaan ke badale men usake dbaara jisase ya jisake kaaran nukasaan pahuancha ho di jaaya, jo use uthaana pad ho

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The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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