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Date meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Date 
As noun : अंकूलना अंतकृत अंतक्क अकालज्ञ अक्ष्ण अखंड़न अप्रचलित होना अप्रचलीत होना अप्रचिलित होना आसवद्रु उज्जना का होना काल निर्धारित करना काल या समय या कालावधि काल कालकृत कालचिह्न कालपुरुष कालसंपन्न क्रतंत खजूर गरुरा गिरोही गोष्टि छुहारा या खजूर छुहारा जूग डेट डेट{लड़का लड़की का साथ बाहर जाना} तारिख का मौजूद होना तारिख का रहना तारीख तारीख़ तालक्षीर तिथि त्रीघटना दारिख लिखना दिनांक दिनांकित करना निखूटनापु निरथाना निर्धारित समय पर मिलना पर तारिख डालना पर तारीख लिखना प्रुष्व फैशन से परे होना बरिया भवभंजन भसंत मान्य होना मिति लिखना मिति मुहूर्त मुहूर्तक युग विचाल वृहत् खर्जूरिका वैकिंकट व्यक्तभुक् श्राम संवृत्ति सकुचना सजु सज्जकर्म सध्रीचीन सब्रह्मचारी समय देना समय निर्धारित करना समासादन समुत्पत्ति समै, समैया, समो सम्मोदिक सर्वसंहार सहस्त्रयुग सहस्थ, सहस्थित साथी सामाजिक सम्मिलन करना सामाजिक सम्मिलन जारी रखना सामाजिक सम्मिलन साह्यकृत् सेँधी सैसंगी स्कंदफला स्वयंभू हमअसर हमजोली हवाली मवाली होना ह्रस्वफल
Usage of Date: 1: we agreed tentatively on a dinner date 2: The closing date forr the submission of application is 20th May. 3: what is the date today? 4: no suspect has been found to date 5: Friday the 13th is an unlucky date 6: The drawer of the cheque forgot to put the date on it 7: Interest is reckoned from the date of lending. 8: She asked how to avoid kissing at the end of a date 9: What is the date today?
The date of the election is set by law
He tried to memorizes all the dates for his history class
They hoped to get together at an early date
10: The package is dated November 24
Scientists often cannot date precisely archeological or prehistorical findings
She wrote the letter on Monday but she dated it Saturday so as not to reveal that she procrastinated
Date ki paribhasha : samaan kaaran hone se ek sa samajha jaanevaala kisi kaary ke poorn hone ki nishchit tithi RRiddhi aur vraddhi naamak do oshadhiyaaan pradhaan sattaarthak kriya vah snbndhasatta jisake dvaaraa, bhoota, bhavishya, vartamaan aadi ki pratiti hoti hai aur ek ghatana doosari se aage, pichhe aadi samajhi jaati hai chndrama ki kala ke ghatane ya badhane ke anusaar gine jaanevaale mahine ka din ek prakaar ka khajoor jisaka phal khaane men adhik mitha hota hai ek prakaar ka ped jo garam deshon, samudr ke kinaare ya retile maidaanon men hota hai

Date synonyms
term period moment stage span generation spell while reign juncture course epoch duration quarter hour year century appointment meeting visit interview rendezvous call assignation tryst sweetheart steady companion escort lover girlfriend partner boyfriend blind date come from register determine mark record fix isolate chronicle measure belong to affix a date to carbon-date exist from fix the date of originate in put in its place woo court attend fix up associate with consort with deuce it go around together go around with go out with go steady go together keep company make a date step around take out obsolesce outdate archaize antiquate show one's age
Date antonyms
enemy foe opponent ignore disregard neglect 
Usage of Date in sentences

The word is used as noun verb in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun, verb or transitive verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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