Deal meaning in hindi | Deal ka matlab 

Deal meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Deal 
Usage of Deal: 1: it was a package deal 2: I can deal with this crew of workers 3: sweeten a deal 4: People who received kickback in the Bofors deal are being prosecuted. 5: I have to hire a lawyer to deal with my financial matters. 6: The local government has asked for help from the Center government do deal with the emergency. 7: Let's deal him into this project . 8: Yes, deal in this guy . 9: I'll deal out some more proposals . 10: I kissed off about $200 on that last deal .
Deal ki paribhasha : vah maan jo naap ya taul ke dvaara jaana jaay bhinn ki lakir ke oopar ki snkhya kisi chij ke kai bhaag karake alag alag rakhana kisi ke saath kisi prakaar ka vyavahaar karana ek roop ya avastha ko chhodkar doosare roop ya avastha ko praapt hona dnd dene ke liye kisi ko kisi vastu se pitana ya aaghaat pahuanchaana kisi vastu par se apana svatv hataakar usapar doosare ka svatv sthaapit karana aapas ka vah nipataara jisamen donon pakshon ko kuchh na kuchh dabana ya svaarthatyaag karana pade ve kaat chhaaantakar saaph kiye hue paan ke patte jo dholi men sad gae hon

Deal synonyms
pact accord transaction pledge contract arrangement compromise buy conception understanding prearrangement abundance extent degree plethora superabundance portion plenty shake quantity opportunity game appointment chance round hand cut and shuffle fresh start sell handle negotiate trade treat barter dicker traffic swap bicker stock buy and sell hammer out deal horse trade knock down price work out deal participate give drop divide render disburse administer disperse inflict measure disseminate divvy impart strike dispense partake deliver bestow apportion partition allot reward assign dish out dole out hand out come across with fork out fork over mete out
Deal antonyms
denial dissension refusal disagreement misunderstanding lack little scarcity few need want deny refuse hold keep combine unite conceal withhold attach collect gather join retain take 
Usage of Deal in sentences

The word is used as noun verb in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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