Deification meaning in hindi | Deification ka matlab 

Deification meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Deification 
Usage of Deification: 1: The king was a deification for the people of his kingdom. 2: Shotter suggests that Augustus' deification 3: '' As the deification of the wife of the pharaoh 4: The deification of Augustus 5: The deification of the forces of nature
Deification ki paribhasha : jisaki pooja karana kartavy ya uchit ho

Deification synonyms
idolization immortalization ennoblement raise loftiness nobility magnification boost preference exaltation grandeur eminence aggrandizement preferment sublimity nobleness exaltedness lionization prelation upgrading dignity confidence trust glory faith attention credit reputation esteem praise distinction tribute prestige fame recognition celebration wreath rank adulation renown laurel obeisance adoration veneration homage greatness deference repute notice fealty consideration account popularity laud approbation canonization high standing admiration piety loyalty respect awe devotion devoutness love religiousness genuflection approval fear bow prostration obsequiousness high esteem translation ritual prayer rite idolatry service invocation offering regard chapel vespers supplication benediction laudation church service beatification breathless adoration exaggerated respect
Deification antonyms
decrease demotion disdain unimportance depression lowness spurning lowliness distrust doubt disbelief disregard ignorance disclaimer dishonor ill repute disobedience disrespect scorn heedlessness debasement degradation denunciation derision disgrace humiliation blemish stigma censure condemnation reproach blame criticism neglect hate dislike hatred vilification 
Usage of Deification in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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