Depreciate meaning in hindi | Depreciate ka matlab 

Depreciate meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Depreciate 
Usage of Depreciate: 1: However, in practice, wages, not capital, depreciate in price first. 2: Action to depreciate or condition of a thing deprecated 3: , to gift horse looks no flange , When we receive a gift, do not depreciate for a few details that are defective

Depreciate synonyms
depress lower erode undervalue dwindle lessen soften worsen decrease diminish write off deteriorate decay drop reduce deflate decry cheapen underrate abate fall downgrade devalorize mark down write down discountenance disgrace asperse discredit malign slam deride rap vilify condemn traduce attack underestimate scorn derogate slight slur denounce denigrate abuse spurn censure detract knock revile deprecate minimize smear humble defame contemn slander roast fault disparage calumniate look down on put down run down clamor against dispraise find fault with scoff at sneer at take down a peg
Depreciate antonyms
increase compliment praise construct enlarge grow improve ascend upgrade enhance overrate exalt laud recommend build develop expand extend strengthen rise win approve gain value sanction honor respect revere protect exaggerate cherish build up support esteem flatter defend maximize overestimate endorse 
Usage of Depreciate in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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