Difficulty meaning in hindi | Difficulty ka matlab 

Difficulty meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Difficulty 
Usage of Difficulty: 1: One of the annoyances of working here is the difficulty of parking near the
2: The coolie pulled the dray with difficulty 3: Feckless persons have difficulty in mannaging their work properly. 4: The crux of the matter was solved with great difficulty 5: He finds difficulty to get along with the upward mobility. 6: The tooth was gotten out without much difficulty . 7: John won the tennis match with no difficulty . 8: There are three distinct difficulty levels in the single-player game: Agent 9: There are a number of differences between the difficulty levels 10: Once the game has been completed on one difficulty level
Difficulty ki paribhasha : vah tng pahaadi raasta jo do bade aur ooanche pahaadon ke bich se hokar gaya ho kisi shalok ya chhnd aadi ka vah antim pad ya tukad jo poora shlok ya chhnd vanaane ke liye taiyaar karake doosaron ko diya jaata hai aur jis ke aadhaar par poora shlok ya chhnd banaaya jaata hai

Usage of Difficulty in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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