Diffusing meaning in hindi | Diffusing ka matlab 

Diffusing meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Diffusing 
Diffusing synonyms
direct point train sprinkle aim spray spatter deposit bestow strew diffuse publish broadcast publicize troll exchange promulgate interview report issue bring out mitigate lessen reduce temper modify adulterate decrease water down diminish alter shave deliquesce plant cut lace doctor needle attenuate irrigate liquefy mix qualify spike cook moderate doctor up phony up break up dispel separate dislodge dissipate disband discharge vanish disappear dismiss deal eject rout partition disburse sow scramble banish dole out split up divvy besprinkle cast forth measure out send off take off in all directions advertise blazon declare blaze annunciate announce proclaim disject soften render flux thaw defront fluidify waste away evaporate crumble fade decline perish dwindle evanesce decompose break down dilapidate unmake break into pieces melt away apportion dispense give share give away hand out administer allot donate assign present convey endow ration dispose appropriate consign prorate parcel divide cut up dish out divvy up mete pass out shell out deal out fork out lot out pay out slice up develop extend augment broaden magnify lengthen add to grow build multiply widen inflate boost swell distend pyramid dilate expatiate elaborate rise bulk snowball pad aggrandize wax elongate exaggerate heighten mount embroider amplify beef up blow up upsurge give details grow larger jack up jazz up make larger slap on bolster increase open thicken unfurl protract prolong unroll unravel mushroom embellish unfold bloat hike burgeon explicate fatten fill out piggyback bulk up fan out open out outspread puff up soup up spread out stretch out tack on ingrain suffuse inculcate leaven steep bathe impregnate invest inoculate infix inspire engender inject impart program insert interject indoctrinate inseminate impress brainwash insinuate intermix propagandize catechize infuse transfuse infiltrate engraft force in put in head interlard pepper bestrew interfuse intersow intersprinkle disintegrate heat warm merge flow go pass away smelt drill seep crack puncture enter go through invade spear probe trespass bore access percolate perforate jab knife ream bayonet prick introduce stab gore thrust come saturate drive encroach impale barge in get in ingress pass through blow in breeze in bust in eat through filter in make a hole make an entrance pop in run into sink into stick into drench pierce soak stalk overspread shine gleam emanate emit beam diverge ramify proliferate illumine irradiate afford yield pour glitter throw out light up branch out give out send out shoot out fall drop stream tumble course skim whirl proceed glide scud leak sail leap spin bleed spill spout cascade slide gush whiz go soft turn to liquid fling shatter shower discard set migrate disunite sever derange sunder expend spend put to flight run away set asunder throw around scrap slip jettison exuviate junk reject cashier molt doff disburden exude throw away give forth let fall pour forth send forth cover lay escalate reach unwind daub flatten array sprawl prepare gloss paint lie arrange level smear overlay settle coat branch off untwist uncoil be displayed be distributed even out roll out make known make public relay transfer conduct address carry translate transport funnel pipe remit route siphon bear dispatch bequeath radio forward mail ship channel hand down pass on drop a line drop a note give a call give a ring hand on put on the air traject decant flow out pour out throw off
Diffusing antonyms
collect gather catch receive take hide conceal suppress block secret hold keep increase enlarge grow thicken aggravate extend raise strengthen expand develop concentrate accumulate unite marry welcome garner appear arrive arrange assemble coagulate solidify integrate put together resolve continue unmix improve withhold refrain combine refuse disarrange hoard preserve store retain attach join maintain compress decrease lessen narrow abridge cut shorten restrict constrict simplify slump condense curtail halt stop contract lower shrink diminish abbreviate reduce fall decline drop hinder thin tangle shrivel close deflate take out drain dislodge uproot neglect leave alone freeze cool divide separate fight surrender retreat exit misconstrue misunderstand yield withdraw misinterpret dehydrate dry deplete destroy kill dull ascend trickle walk cease obey rise steady be quiet save put on straighten disorganize mix up reveal confuse avoid dodge 
Usage of Diffusing in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi 
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