Dismay meaning in hindi | Dismay ka matlab 

Dismay meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Dismay 
Usage of Dismay: 1: To the dismay of some fans 2: To his dismay but not surprise, he discovers that Death has come for him too. 3: " is complex to the point of dismay 4: Hitting dismay 5: It usually means more figuratively Overwhelm, grieving excessively, dismay 6: The failure of this trading house has its sponsors in dismay
Dismay ki paribhasha : ek prasiddh manovikaar jo kisi aanevaali bhishan aapatti athava honevaali bhaari haani ki aashnka se utpann hota hai aur jisake saath us aapatti athava haani se bachane ki ichchha lagi rahati hai

Dismay synonyms
anxiety fright chagrin apprehension alarm trepidation dread terror panic horror dumps blues agitation upset letdown hassle bummer discouragement fear funk downer blue funk cold feet disillusionment disheartenment the blahs dispirit rattle frighten puzzle unnerve agitate confound shake horrify terrify dumbfound bewilder flummox appall daunt disquiet perplex bother disconcert nonplus disturb fluster embarrass mystify faze scare paralyze discomfit discompose terrorize affright snafu unhinge abash throw chill foul up mess up put off screw up louse up get to muck up take aback throw into a tizzy
Dismay antonyms
calmness composure contentment happiness tranquility delight joy encouragement assurance ease peace beauty pleasure confidence security appease placate soothe comfort gladden explain quiet enlighten explicate embolden aid hearten reassure incite clarify clear up make happy please help inspirit settle order 
Usage of Dismay in sentences

The word is used as noun verb in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun, verb or transitive verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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