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Dismiss meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Dismiss 
As verb : अपदस्थ करना Ex:  Many fans of the Oz books prefer to dismiss any political interpretation अस्वीकार करना Ex:  The Assembly has the power to dismiss the cabinet आउट करना Ex:  Fielders assist the bowlers either by taking catches to dismiss a batsman इनकार करना Ex:  The monarch may, in theory, unilaterally dismiss a Prime Minister उदसन Ex:  Anarcho-capitalists dismiss this claim उपसंहरण Ex:  It was widely believed both that George would dismiss Walpole खारच Ex:  The House made repeated calls to the King to dismiss Bismarck खारिज Ex:  Waters wanted to dismiss Wright. उ:   हालांकि बाद में ये मुकदमे एक एक कर खारिज होते गए। छुटा देना Ex:  dismiss someone from the path टाल देना Ex:  Giving someone a medical discharge, dismiss the ननुकारना Ex:  It became shamefully dismiss निकाअल द्ना Ex:  It is used colloquially to mean figuratively and dismiss someone निकाल देना Ex:  It was right to dismiss the servant पदच्युत करना Ex:  The few qualities he displayed did dismiss पराकरण प्रबाधन बरखास्त करना बारखास्त करना भूल्ना रद्द करना विदा करना विसर्जित करना व्यपसारण व्यवाकृति व्युदास सेवामुक्त करना
Other : खारिज करना Ex:  Many scientists, however, dismiss the "Paleocene dinosaurs" as re-worked, i. छोड़ देना Ex:  dismiss the crowd भेज देना हटा देना

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Dismiss synonyms

decline expel disband reject release dissolve shed repudiate dispatch disperse rid chase relegate divorce boot abolish bundle deport detach banish relinquish supersede clear chuck repel discard outlaw brush off cast off dispense with dispose of do without kick out send packing turn out let go cast out drive out force out have done with let out lock out push aside push back send off show out slough off sweep away oust suspend fire recall retire terminate sack depose impeach discharge disqualify furlough bump cashier drop displace bounce depone can shelve unseat ax pension lay off put away shut out pink-slip defrock unfrock boot out deselect disemploy disfrock give notice to give the ax give the gate give the heave-ho give walking papers give warning turn away wash out ridicule deride repulse despise dispel gird rally twit scorn pooh-pooh mock gibe taunt scoff flout scout spurn disdain jeer contemn disregard kiss off laugh away lay aside set aside

Dismiss antonyms

legalize permit preserve welcome hire accept allow hold keep retain promote maintain appoint employ engage secure begin do praise admire weaken compliment respect flatter like love approve embrace esteem

Usage of Dismiss in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun, verb or transitive verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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