Disposal meaning in hindi | Disposal ka matlab 

Disposal meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Disposal 
Usage of Disposal: 1: used all the resources at his disposal 2: The municipality is incharge of garbage disposal in cities. 3: I put my car at my neighbor's disposal . 4: Fines for not paying the disposal fee range from 200–500 Francs . 5: The Soviets had many military depots at their disposal 6: While ostensibly putting himself at Kieft's disposal as lawyer and translator 7: The city provides sewage disposal and water supply services 8: Baden-Powell put himself at the disposal of the War Office. 9: can have at its disposal 10: Canon Law Privilege granted by letters of Pape any body, or any person, can appoint some benefits, or to hold them against the disposal of ordinary
Disposal ki paribhasha : thik jagah par karine se rakhana ya baithaana pichhe hataana ya lautaana kisi kaary ka aayojan akhitayaar jaisa—yah puchhane ka adhikaar tumhen nahin hai shabd kisi vastu ko spasht roop se samajhaane ki kriya kisi kaary ka vah vidhaan jo shaastron aadi ke dvaara nishchit ya nirdhaarit hua ho kisi padaarth ke beche jaane ki kriya ya bhaav

Disposal synonyms
dumping removal disposition transfer clearance demolition destruction selling ejection sale conveyance trading dispensation relinquishment riddance sacrifice destroying jettison vending demolishing relegation transference auctioning bartering chucking discarding dispatching jettisoning junking scrapping allocation distribution control sequence array bequest arrangement division assignment determination assortment provision gift effectuation bestowal action consignment order grouping ordering placing winding up
Disposal antonyms
building hold construction keeping retention beginning start 
Usage of Disposal in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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