Dominate meaning in hindi | Dominate ka matlab 

Dominate meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Dominate 
Usage of Dominate: 1: The industrially developed countries dominate the third world countries. 2: Computer will dominate towards the end of the century. 3: The North Shore Mountains dominate the cityscape 4: Governments have a tendency to dominate the legislative functions of Parliament 5: Subtropical plants dominate the north 6: Italian opera continued to dominate most of Europe 7: Beethoven and Meyerbeer, continued to dominate the musical stage in England. 8: Large chiefdoms began to dominate considerable areas of the island. 9: The heights dominate the plains below. 10: It was expected that Adams would dominate the votes in New England
Dominate ki paribhasha : pradhaan hone ka bhaava, dharma, kaary ya pad

Dominate synonyms
control run lead overshadow manage influence command dictate monopolize prevail head handle preponderate outshine overrule eclipse direct reign boss tyrannize domineer subjugate predominate sway subject overbear call the shots detract from have upper hand hold sway over keep under thumb lay down the law lead by the nose play first fiddle prevail over rule the roost run the show sit on top of superabound have one's way overlook survey overtop bestride overlie look down upon loom over stand over
Dominate antonyms
obey surrender follow lose mismanage neglect submit go along yield be below 
Usage of Dominate in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun, verb or transitive verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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