Double cross meaning in hindi | Double cross ka matlab 

Double cross meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Double cross 
Double cross ki paribhasha : mithya vyavahaar jisase doosare ke man men mithya pratiti utpann ho

Double cross synonyms
defraud humbug split double deal four-flush illude sell down the river hoax deceit racket deception extortion rip-off imposition imposture blackmail sting shakedown sham fake double-dealing hustle dirty pool shell game frame-up knavery crooked deal fast one fast shuffle shady deal sharp practice duplicity unfaithfulness treason falseness dishonesty giveaway double-crossing judas kiss let-down backbite slander smear play judas entice seduce shave lure exploit manipulate jockey snow burn stick gyp chisel finesse flimflam string along impose on play for a sucker rope in suck in abandon forsake jilt finger desert knife blow the whistle break faith break with let down turn in walk out on be unfaithful bite the hand that feeds you break promise break trust commit treason deliver up go back on inform against inform on play false turn informer turn state's evidence pretend fool lie shuck feign simulate affect counterfeit put on jive bunco fake out psych out fleece bilk victimize trim ream crib skin milk screw gouge diddle cozen finagle bamboozle hose beat short bleed shaft stiff fudge rip off sandbag caboodle do a number on fast talk give bum steer jerk around take for a ride take out pull one's leg conspiracy graft complicity dodge plot skunk whitewash connivance cahoots craft guilt scheme intrigue bill of goods con game guiltiness bait and switch diddling fradulent artifice mockery crime gold brick wheedle coax inveigle cajole sweet-talk hornswoggle chicane block obstruct buck deny stymie flummox cramp stonewall frustrate resist foil impede oppose crab backtalk stump crimp interfere snafu foul up take on louse up bollix have bone to pick knock props out take wind out of sails disappoint entrap circumvent falsify clip rob ensnare hook gull outwit take advantage of buffalo beat out of cross up impose upon lead on play joke on pull fast one take for ride take to cleaners outfox misguide disinform lead up garden path mousetrap play trick on baffle overreach dust catch spoof kid pull something chicanery artfulness ruse trickiness craftiness cunning dirty work foul play run-around dissemblance dissimulation wiliness dirty dealing dirty trick pull a fast one take to the cleaners pull the wool over one's eyes alter maneuver doctor conjure fix modify change disguise misrepresent perform magic prestidigitate tamper with misinform tempt pervert enmesh bunk entangle misdirect lead astray pull wool over eyes belie defy challenge defeat bend the rules hit below the belt pull something funny stack the cards stretch the rules cheating snow job hosing sucker game fail give away surrender violate give up rat on be disloyal doublecross turn traitor prevent curb upset confuse dash duck ditch pit check ruin restrain match balk queer trammel scotch hold up take down give the slip play off upset one's apple cart infidelity betrayal perfidiousness faithlessness disaffection put-on corruption grift skin game sweet talk two-timing recreancy stunt shenanigans quackery pretense underhandedness razzle-dazzle dupery fourberie funny business swindling be dishonest sell one's soul
Double cross antonyms
be open tell truth frankness honesty truthfulness uprightness reality benevolence donation openness forthrightness gift devotion faithfulness loyalty trustworthiness fidelity refuse turn off disenchant repulse give offer be honest aid assist protect hide stay help be faithful be loyal defend support be quiet keep secret come clean reveal lose fail be forthright abet facilitate remain allow go along encourage forward divide part separate unmix release let go be truthful be serious sincerity honor artlessness naivety neglect leave alone disgust exclude counsel guard advise lead praise exalt flatter misconceive misunderstand straighten delight enlighten explain liberate order make happy please clear up face meet free constancy harmony love 
Usage of Double cross in sentences

The word is used as noun verb in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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