Dynamism meaning in hindi | Dynamism ka matlab 

Dynamism meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Dynamism 
Usage of Dynamism: 1: The dynamism of Leibnitz, Newton, opposed to Descartes mechanism
Dynamism ki paribhasha : vah prasannata jo kisi aanevaale sukh ko sochakar hoti hai aur manushy ko kaary men pravratt karati hai kisi taral padaarth ka aaanch ya garami ke kaaran ubalana

Dynamism synonyms
vim dash gaiety zing brio buoyancy zap zip elation pep sparkle passion fervor enthusiasm life sprightliness zest ardor vitality spirit oomph zeal verve ebullience excitement exhilaration action ã©lan briskness esprit vivacity vibrancy high spirits rebound give elasticity liveliness recoil springiness resilience flair flourish gusto panache pizzazz vivaciousness stylishness strength service electricity heat potential reaction pressure burn gravity friction steam current juice magnetism application response rays wattage horsepower radioactivity voltage kilowatts conductivity violence effort enforcement fury clout strain speed arm impact impetus coercion sock brunt sinew draft conscription compulsion might exaction duress tension punch impulse trouble extortion stress potency stimulus stuff momentum velocity muscle subjection pains constrait full head of steam strong arm what it takes labor enterprise perseverance assiduity diligence attention patience determination toil inventiveness persistence care intentness tirelessness leadership drive resource spunk get-up-and-go gumption resourcefulness originality ambition moxie development evolution shift flow exercise progress operation change migration agitation transit displacement deed regression mobility passage stir maneuver flight journey advance progression undertaking alteration flux gesture locomotion wandering stirring changing moving roaming transferal journeying movableness motility shifting transplanting steps evolving operativeness translating voyaging nature self makeup psyche charisma charm temperament identity individuality complexion disposition singularity selfhood emotions likableness selfdom function talent influence capability capacity skill competency aptitude efficacy gift turn qualification virtue potentiality faculty effectiveness endowment bent weight intensity puissance omnipotence brawn forcefulness applied force mechanical energy guts snap starch agility endurance quickness alertness urgency healthiness vehemence soundness kick fire bang nimbleness tuck pith well-being hardiness birr lustiness vim and vigor
Dynamism antonyms
idleness inactivity laziness lethargy lifelessness sadness apathy enervation calm calmness indifference coolness coldness dullness unhappiness depression discouragement lack tiredness question peace hindrance weakness relaxation incompetence passivity powerlessness ease indolence disregard ignorance negligence hesitation worthlessness neglect unemployment cowardice decrease stoppage stagnation inaction cessation inertia repose halt pause decline rest inability incapacity loss debility disability impairment infirmity inefficiency surrender impotence inaptitude failure uselessness subservience yielding pull disinterest clumsiness immobility 
Usage of Dynamism in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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