Emotion meaning in hindi | Emotion ka matlab 

Emotion meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Emotion 
Usage of Emotion: 1: Romanticism valued imagination and emotion over rationality 2: In mammals, primates, and human beings, feelings are displayed as emotion cues. 3: '" Sam Phillips said Presley "put every ounce of emotion . 4: And afterwards, the emotion must be put into the piece. 5: Whatever beat they use will depend on the emotion or the feeling of the player 6: a disorder caused by a very strong emotion 7: A strong emotion 8: be red as a rooster, says a person to whom a sudden emotion raises the blood to the face 9: Calming emotion People 10: Compress sobs, his emotion
Emotion ki paribhasha : hava ke jhonke se ek doosare ke pichhe ooanchi uthati hui jal ki raashi man ki vah avastha jisamen kisi prakaar ka sukhad ya duःkhad bhaava, vichaar ya vikaar utpann hota hai ras ke snvaari bhaavon men se ek man men kisi prakaar ki chinta karana

Emotion synonyms
love shame anger sympathy happiness concern sentiment passion fervor remorse pride warmth joy sorrow grief desire empathy rage excitement sadness despair feeling affection agitation sensation drive satisfaction ecstasy responsiveness perturbation commotion elation vehemence melancholy ardor despondency disturbance tremor inspiration thrill zeal sensibility sensitiveness gut reaction affectivity excitability vibes
Emotion antonyms
dislike hate hatred calmness happiness joy indifference sadness sorrow woe apathy quiet stillness tranquility lethargy physicality peace unhappiness cheer depression 
Usage of Emotion in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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