Employment meaning in hindi | Employment ka matlab 

Employment meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Employment 
Usage of Employment: 1: they are looking for employment 2: We must retrain the linguists who cannot find employment 3: training is a necessary preliminary to employment 4: During his employment 5: Friedman was unable to find academic employment 6: 68.8% of the French population aged 15-64 years was in employment 7: Construction has led employment creation in the current economic expansion 8: Shrimp farming offers significant employment opportunities 9: The fishing industry provides employment for about forty thousand people 10: Total employment during Roosevelt's term expanded by 18.31 million jobs
Employment ki paribhasha : ek sima men, jo adhik ya atynt kam na ho, thaharaana dhan ya jivika ke liye udyog gati ya kriya jo kisi prayatn se utpann ho

Employment synonyms
business service enrollment trade job function office profession mission avocation racket post occupation enlistment field exercise exertion assignment number game craft pursuit situation line hire setup calling employ position engaging mã©tier occupying retaining hiring recruitment contracting commissioning exercising awarding servicing carrying engagement in activity application signing on taking on what one is into usage utilization use usance appliance play exploitation handling adoption purpose disposition operation
Employment antonyms
fun avocation entertainment hobby pastime surrender recreation idleness inactivity misuse unemployment mismanagement 
Usage of Employment in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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