Encase meaning in hindi | Encase ka matlab 

Encase meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Encase 
Encase ki paribhasha : kisi soota, dori ya kapade ki si vastu ko doosari vastu ke chaaron or ghoomaakar baaandhana vah kapad jo kisi vastu ke oopar lapet ho kisi vastu ko doosari vastu ke is prakaar niche karana jisamen vah dikhaayi na de ya usapar gard aadi na pade

Encase synonyms
tie up unite strap restrict attach shackle handcuff connect tether dress stick clamp trim border fetter lace swathe hitch truss furl muzzle glue chain lap fix adhere leash moor restrain pin hamper finish yoke bandage cinch hem hobble paste rope trammel edge lash constrict manacle put together enchain pinion enfetter hitch on hook on hook up peg down pin down tack on pack case crate confine package swaddle envelop insulate pad cushion protect coat blanket shroud bury layer overcast shield mantle eclipse crown surface daub disguise stash hood carpet overlay cache cloak camouflage house curtain clothe screen superimpose veil canopy conceal invest cap mask enshroud shade ensconce obscure secrete put on overspread superpose board up bush up cover up do on the sly set on encircle insert encompass fence bound intern circumscribe imbue limit pen jail include impound blockade hedge cage implant induct immure corral environ imprison coop hem in block off box up close in fence off lock in lock up set apart shut in wall in clinch surround hold clutch enwrap press squeeze clasp drape girdle grab bear hug envelope wrap up fabricate mold erect construct manufacture fashion raise form institute mount back produce constitute assemble invent forge model panel make mat set up shingle lath hide immerse bundle twine shelter muffle absorb wind roll up gift-wrap bundle up shut up
Encase antonyms
uncover unwrap disconnect loosen unlock center release disjoin unhitch liberate aid assist detach unbind permit lay bare forget separate remove unfasten open lose free let go unlace untie succeed help set free allow unbox unmask disregard ignore exclude reveal expose show tell take out lay out abandon leave alone reject unloose face meet demolish destroy ruin dismantle raze decrease prevent dissuade deny refuse break drop stop neglect halt discourage disperse straighten let out let loose 
Usage of Encase in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as verb or transitive verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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