Enclose meaning in hindi | Enclose ka matlab 

Enclose meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Enclose 
Usage of Enclose: 1: I enclose a cheque in settlement of your account. 2: By analogy, in terms of Architecture, The cage of a staircase, space between the walls that enclose a staircase 3: cabinet that is used to enclose the silverware, dishes and table linens 4: enclose a legacy 5: enclose a pheasant 6: enclose a walls of garden 7: enclose in a narrow and rigorous fence, where one has no communication with the rest of the men 8: enclose the suburbs in the city 9: Enclose, enclose 10: Every owner has the right to enclose
Enclose ki paribhasha : kisi soota, dori ya kapade ki si vastu ko doosari vastu ke chaaron or ghoomaakar baaandhana sab or se aabaddh karake mndl ya sima ke andar laana

Enclose synonyms
encircle insert wrap encompass fence bound restrict intern circumscribe imbue veil limit pen jail include impound blockade mew hedge cage implant induct confine enfold cover immure enshroud corral environ imprison coop hem in encase block off box up close in fence off lock in lock up set apart shut in wall in
Enclose antonyms
release liberate exclude reject unloose set free face meet let go reveal 
Usage of Enclose in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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