Experience meaning in hindi | Experience ka matlab 

Experience meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Experience 
Usage of Experience: 1: it was a enjoyful experience 2: Every one should experience joys and sorrows of life. 3: a man of experience 4: This experience transformed her completely 5: Age and experience mellowed him over the years 6: Last evening, I had an experience of stewed tea. 7: sensory experience 8: Mary gained in experience as the weeks went on . 9: Believe me, I speak from experience . 10: Insulin must be administered to patients who experience such a deprivation.
Experience ki paribhasha : do pakshon men honevaala vah jhagad jisaka phaisala adaalat se ho vastuon aur vishayon ki vah bhaavana jo man ya aatma ko ho kisi ke gun dosh aadi jaanane ke liye use achchhi tarah se dekhane bhaalane ka kaary aadhunik nyaay ke anusaar pratyaksha, anumiti upamiti aur shabdabodh dvaara praapt gyaan sookh duःkh shoobhaashoobh ya karmaphalon ka anubhav karana vah gyaan jo saakshaat karane se praapt ho

Experience synonyms
training maturity practice understanding wisdom patience contact involvement struggle background sense action know-how skill reality participation seasoning evidence caution existence acquaintance familiarity empiricism doing actuality savoir-faire combat sophistication judgment exposure practicality perspicacity observation strife trial intimacy proof worldliness inwardness forebearance incident ordeal event encounter adventure test episode trip affair
Experience antonyms
ignorance heedlessness thoughtlessness unfamiliarity inexperience neglect peace immaturity avoidance 
Usage of Experience in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun, verb or transitive verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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