A lot example sentences

In recent years, there has been a lot of research in understanding resilience in children and adolescents.From this vast corpus of records we can get to know a lot, but we must remember that these are official records.The relationship between caste and economic status has certainly changed a lot.Because learning was easy, he turned a lot of his energy towards the Debating and Model United Nations clubs.A sixth grade student says, “It's a lot of fun because everyone gets a chance to express themselves and the summary takes everyone's ideas into account.Usually crops require a lot of nitrogen to make proteins.As a mother of three children she has a lot of household responsibilities.” “Besides”, added Karuna, “we have seen that a lot can be achieved by putting pressure on the existing political parties.Candidates who are known to have spent a lot of money on buying votes and those with known criminal connections often lose elections.For his brief life and an even briefer stay in Madras, Robert Clive seems to have done a lot of moving, besides figurehting some impossible battles in remote corners of India and marrying a maiden in St.These manuscripts and documents provide a lot of detailed information to historians but they are also difficult to use.This could lead to a lot of employment generation within the agricultural sector itself reducing the problem of underemployment.In many ways, a lot of our impressions about the world around us are formed by what we see on T : it is like a 'window on the world'.For example, if a boy has put in a lot of effort into making a special birthday gift for his friend and this friend does not say anything about this, then the boy may feel de-valued.The technology of utilising solar energy benefits a lot of tropical countries that are blessed with abundant sun shine.

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