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We have seen in the earlier chapters how democracies accommodate various social divisions.This is because the overall boss of the organisation, although an employee, does not have any boss and therefore a null value in this field is to be allowed to accommodate the situation.Set the Font weight property to bold, the fore colour to red and green respectively to distinguish between debit and credit list control and re-size the label control by increasing its width to accommodate the text to caption of label.Such a bill is called an 'accommodation bill' as it is accepted by the drawee to accommodate the drawer.Pick and paste SubForm control for creating a grid to accommodate the Debit/Credit Entries.The SubForm stands created to accommodate the data contents in voucher grid.In carbon, only s and p orbitals are available for bonding and, therefore, it can accommodate only four pairs of electrons around it.This deletion, which is made from the value of gross investment in order to accommodate regular wear and tear of capital, is called depreciation.As we know that the number of p orbitals is three and, therefore, the maximum number of electrons that can be accommodated in a set of p orbitals is six.Considering the thermal and chemical stability, Ge 4 is more stable than Ge 2, whereas Pb 2 is more than Pb Except CCl4, other tetrachlorides are easily hydrolysed by water because the central atom can accommodate the lone pair of electrons from oxygen atom of water molecule in d orbital.Its field size need be set to 30 characters, which is considered to be long enough to accommodate the name of account.Its data type is Text with field size equal to 30 to mean that within this character limit the document name can be suitable accommodated.10,000 on April 01, 2006 for three months and the latter accepts the same to accommodate Raj.If the narrations are very large beyond 255 characters, its data type can be set to Memo so as to accommodate the narrations up to 65,536 characters, almost equal to 64 pages.Its Field size is set to 10 on the assumption that first name of every employee can be completely accommodated within this field size.

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