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Labour unions analyse the financial statements to assess whether it can presently afford a wage increase and whether it can absorb a wage increase through increased productivity or by raising the prices.The Constitution of India recognises the right to water as being a part of the Right to Life under Article 2 This means that it is the right of every person, whether rich or poor, to have sufficient amounts of water to fulfil his/her daily needs at a price that he/she can afford.In a few cases, where the responsibility for water supply was handed over to private companies, there was a steep rise in the price of water, making it unaffordable for many.The PDS has proved to be the most effective instrument of government policy over the years in stabilising prices and making food available to consumers at affordable prices.There is a fear that only wealthy people or those with their support can afford to figureht elections.The rich who could afford to play it for pleasure were called amateurs and the poor who played it for a living were called professionals.Everything belonged to the landlords, everything had a price which the poor could not afford to pay.Cheap and affordable credit is crucial for the country's development Graph 2 shows the importance of formal and informal sources of credit for people in urban areas.In such cases, private companies provide public facilities but at a price that only some people can afford.It also is a situation in which parents are not able to send their children to school or a situation where sick people cannot afford treatment.We are able to afford this simplification and thus usefully abstain from studying what happens to the many real commodities that actually are bought and sold in the market because we generally see that what happens to the prices, interests, wages and profits etc.With irregular small incomes, these people could not afford expensive housing.For example, normally, your money cannot buy you a pollution-free environment or ensure that you get unadulterated medicines, unless you can afford to shift to a community that already has all these things.Apart from the availability of water, access to 'safe' drinking water is also available to some and this depends on what one can afford.The whole thing lasted about an hour; then the poet left and we all dispersed in utter bafflement what are we doing? What is an English poet doing in a film studio which makes Tamil films for the simplest sort of people? People whose lives least afforded them the possibility of cultivating a taste for English poetry? The poet looked pretty baffled too, for he too must have felt the sheer incongruity of his talk about the thrills and travails of an English poet.

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