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The agreements contain the procedure for settling disputes and also have provisions for special treatment to developing countries.Now continue the exercise : how important are these opinions to you? The topics of some of these opinions may be only moderately important to you; they are simply ways of thinking, and it does not matter much to you that others agree or disagree with your views.The company redeems the debentures by paying the whole amount in one lump sum to the debenturesholders at the expiry of the agreed time or earlier at the option of the company.That is, both parties have to agree to sell and buy each others commodities.The official inquiry assembled a crushing mountain of evidence against the big planters, and when they saw this they agreed, in principle, to make refunds to the peasants.Charge is an incumbrance to meet the obligation under trust deed under which company agrees to mortgage specific portion either by way of first or second charge.Many countries have reached an agreement to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases.The Assembly had many members who did not agree with the Congress.Without any formal international agreement, the world has moved on to what can be best described as a managed floating exchange rate system.Since the melting away of his gold, it had been generally agreed that there was no great likeness, after all, between the ruined merchant and the majestic face upon the mountain.Each member country shall promptly publish all its relevant laws and regulations pertaining to services including international agreements pertaining to trade and services to which the member is a signatory.The laws simply lay down that the umpire shall agree with both captains on the boundaries of the playing area .After long negotiations both parties agreed to a compromise.For example, it may not allow the lessee to make any alteration or modification in the asset; The normal business operations may be affected in case the lease is not renewed; It may result in higher payout obligation in case the equipment is not found useful and the lessee opts for premature termination of the lease agreement; and The lessee never becomes the owner of the asset.They agree on some policies and programmes for the society with a view to promote the collective good.

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