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All persons do not have the same intellectual capacity; some are exceptionally bright and some are below average.This status is granted to a firm on its achieving a prescribed average export of performance in past select years.Researchers have also found that both high and low level of creativity can be found in highly intelligent children and also children of average intelligence.What was also critical was the period of employment: the number of days of work determined the average daily income of the workers.The average half-life of a species is estimated at between one and four million years, and 99 per cent of the species that have ever lived on the earth are today extinct.It is the most continuous range consisting of the loftiest peaks with an average height of 6,000 metres.Their average elevation is 900– 1600 metres as against 600 metres of the Eastern Ghats.Are people in one country better off than others in a different country? Hence, we compare the average income which is the total income of the country divided by its total population.On an average an Indian woman works one hour more than an average man every day.You have already read about variations in intelligence in Chapter Mental retardation refers to below average intellectual functioning (with an IQ of approximately 70 or below), and deficits or impairments in adaptive behaviour (i.e. in the areas of communication, self-care, home living, social/interpersonal skills, functional academic skills, work, etc.It was observed that on subsequent trials, subjects modified their judgments in a way that made them more similar to the group average.The average figureures hide the variations between trades and the fluctuations from year to year.Density of all roads varies from only 10 km in Jammu & Kashmir to 375 km in Kerala with the national average of 75 km (1996-97).Recent estimates show that in 20 states and union territories, the poverty ratio is less than the national average.Where average stock refers to arithmetic average of opening and closing stock, and the cost of goods sold means sales less gross profit.

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