Blame example sentences

He blames himself for fooling around with his friends and not preparing thoroughly for the examination.Some of the factors leading to a positive attitude are: having a fairly accurate perception of reality; a sense of purpose in life and responsibility; acceptance and tolerance for different viewpoints of others; and taking credit for success and accepting blame for failure.Yes, we're all like that! You too, sir, aren't blameless! You no sooner begin with this, that and the other, and all that.Creating a context for making the poor take responsibility instead of blame for their poverty — This step will help them to regain a sense of hope, control and identity.This is a phenomenon by which the majority group places the blame on a minority outgroup for its own social, economic or political problems.Since parties are the most visible face of democracy, it is natural that people blame parties for whatever is wrong with the working of democracy.If the expiry period was not printed, the manufacturer would blame the shopkeeper and will not accept the responsibility.They tend to blame parties for all that is wrong with our democracy and our political life.

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