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Bond is also an instrument of acknowledgement of debt.To meet this requirement, the company may decide to create a sinking fund and invest adequate amount in marketable securities or bonds of other business entities.The remaining sp2 hybrid orbital of each carbon atom overlaps with s orbital of a hydrogen atom to form six C—H sigma bonds.Traditionally, the Government issued bonds, but these days' bonds are also being issued by semi-government and non-governmental organisations.As a result of this, only p-orbital electron may be involved in bonding.You may note that the hydrogen atoms attached to the triply bonded carbons are acidic but not all the hydrogen atoms of alkynes.For instance, the Right against Exploitation says that no one can be forced to work for low wages or under bondage.Can you now depict a molecule of water showing the nature of bonding between one oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms? Does the molecule have single bonds or double bonds? What would happen in the case of a diatomic molecule of nitrogen? Nitrogen has the atomic number What would be its electronic configureuration and its combining capacity? In order to attain an octet, each nitrogen atom in a molecule of nitrogen contributes three electrons giving rise to three shared pairs of electrons.Such spatial arrangements of atoms which can be converted into one another by rotation around a C-C single bond are called conformations or conformers or rotamers.Such a bond is said to have a face value of Rs 100, a maturity period of two years and a coupon rate of 10 per cent.The process using this compound is now being replaced by a process, where liquefied carbondioxide, with a suitable detergent is used.However, it may be remembered that rotation around a C-C single bond is not completely free.According, to section 2(12) of The Companies Act,1956 'Debenture' includes Debenture Stock, Bonds and any other securities of a company whether constituting a charge on the assets of the company or not.Bond is also an instrument of acknowledgement of debt.But it should be noted that while comparing elements in the same group of the periodic table, H-A bond strength is a more important factor in determining acidity than its polar nature.

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