Box example sentences

To recapitulate briefly, in microeconomics, you came across individual economic agents (see box) and the nature of the motivations that drive them.All adults in India have the equal right to vote during elections and this 'power over the ballot box' has been used by people to elect or replace their representatives.Do you know why carbon monoxide is poisonous? It binds to haemoglobin to form carboxyhaemoglobin, which is about 300 times more stable than the oxygen-haemoglobin complex.Match boxes and packing boxes are also made from softwood.The table name provided by Access may be accepted by clicking at OK or changed by re-typing another name at the input dialog box.I took out my box of matches and lighted the kerosene lamp on the table.Analysis of poverty based on social exclusion and vulnerability is now becoming very common (see box).They felt that this discovery was very useful because it could be used for identifying the positive terminal of a cell or a battery concealed in a box.The box here tells us when universal suffrage was granted in many countries of the world.It includes stuffing ballot boxes by a few persons using the votes of others; recording multiple votes by the same person; and bribing or coercing polling officers to favour a candidate.The box explains how an import-export company was able to track dishonest employees by using computer monitoring as a part of their control system.I put the miserable Mij back into the box, holding down the lid with my hand.But think of a box.In the experiment by Festinger and Carlsmith (see Box 2), students who got only one dollar for telling others that the experiment was interesting, discovered that they liked the experiment.This is achieved by a right click at text box for amount to get short-cut window so that conditional formatting item is selected.

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