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However, an amendment in 1998 to The Companies Act, 1956 has permitted the companies to buy back its own shares from the market, particularly, when the price of its share in the market is lower than the book value.You do not have to go to different areas to buy different things.As you will read in the following chapter, advertisements are repeated in the hope that you will go out and buy what is advertised.Buying and selling of goods and services within the boundaries of a nation are referred to as internal trade.We go to shop daily and buy milk.हम रोज़ जाकर दुकान से दूध खरीदते हैं|The government fixed prices at which grain must be sold, but the peasants refused to sell their grain to government buyers at these prices.The TMS has also begun giving the fishworkers loans for repair and the buying of new nets.Sometimes, he takes credit from a bank or the agricultural co-operative society to buy HY seeds and implements.Similarly, the government in India buys wheat and rice from farmers at a 'fair price'.Either the firm itself goes in for producing the goods or else it buys from the market.The different services provided by retailers to consumers include regular availability of products new product information convenience of buying trade selection after sales services and providing credit facilities.Today, Indians are buying cars produced by nearly all the top companies in the world.My worst experience was when I was writing important thoughts in a notebook ('buy socks', 'clutch drinks carefully', etc.This results in great convenience to the customers in buying these products.The plastic bottles in which you buy various food-items like jam or pickle can be used for storing things in the kitchen.

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