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This is applicable even to soluble salts like sodium chloride except that due to higher concentrations of the ions, we use their activities instead of their molarities in the expression for Qsp.In such societies the analysis that we shall present in this book will not be applicable.ocabulary enrichment has been attempted through a variety of tasks on the usage of words closely related in meaning, matching words to meanings, word building (including phrasal verbs), and reference to the dictionary.What are the qualities possessed by a good leader? Are there any common traits (qualities) applicable to all good leaders? How many such qualities should a leader possess to be successful? One approach to leadership emphasises that a person should possess certain qualities or traits to become a successful leader.The decision of the Cabinet was sent to the Department of Personnel and Training.The same principle of territorial division of labour is applicable at the international level too.The senior officers of the Department drafted an order in line with the Cabinet decision and took the minister's approval.As political parties have come to play a major role in politics, the Prime Minister controls the Cabinet and Parliament through the party.They participate in the Cabinet meetings only when specially invited.A special value called Null is used to represent unknown or not applicable values of attributes in a tuple.In the government, cabinets are largely all-male even when a woman becomes the Chief Minister or the Prime Minister.Cabinet Ministers are usually top-level leaders of the ruling party or parties who are in charge of the major ministries.You who were born to fulfil this sublime goal, should you ruin your life by going crazy after despicable novels.It may be noted that this method is applicable only to convertible debentures.The Cabinet as a team is assisted by the Cabinet Secretariat.

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