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Instead of going into the semantics of these terms, it is important to concentrate on the practicability of their usage.Diagrammatic representation of the sequence of processes which constitute the development of a cell of a higher plant is given in Figureure 1 It is also applicable to tissues/organs.They produce chemicals, locomotive parts, agricultural equipment, machinery, tinplate, cable and wire.Cabinet is thus the inner ring of the Council of Ministers.Since it is not practical for all ministers to meet regularly and discuss everything, the decisions are taken in Cabinet meetings.Where shares forfeited were originally issued at a discount, the discount applicable to such shares must be cancelled or written back.Sugerbeet, cabbages, carrots are some of the common biennials.The Indian economy was mainly agricultural and rural in character; About 70% of the working population was employed in agriculture; About 85% of the population was living in the villages; Production was carried out using irrational, low productivity technology; Communicable diseases were widespread, mortality rates were high.I cabled to England, and when, three days later, nothing had happened, I tried to telephone.He takes most of the decisions in the Cabinet meetings.ocabulary enrichment has been attempted through a variety of tasks on the usage of words closely related in meaning, matching words to meanings, word building (including phrasal verbs), and reference to the dictionary.They participate in the Cabinet meetings only when specially invited.Cabinet Ministers are usually top-level leaders of the ruling party or parties who are in charge of the major ministries.Though original GATT rules were applicable to trade in agriculture, these suffered from certain loopholes such as exemption to member countries to use some nontariff measures such as customs tariffs, import quotas and subsidies to protect interests of the farmers in the home country.That is why parliamentary democracy in most countries is often known as the Cabinet form of government.

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