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Faulty decisions made at home, in career, or at workplace may lead to arguments, failure, financial loss or even loss of job.Early in his career he used hypnosis to treat people with physical and emotional problems.These agitations demanded enhancing the political and legal status of women and improving their educational and career opportunities.Jung worked with Freud in his early stages of career, but later on he broke away from Freud.The English boarding school was the institution that trained English boys for careers in the military, the civil service and the church, the three great institutions of imperial England.ALFONSO CORTI, Italian anatomist, was born in 182 Corti began his scientific career studying the cardiovascular systems of reptiles.It determines whether women can work outside the house and what kind of jobs and careers they can have.On the contrary he must have had to face more uncertain and difficult times, for when he began his career, there were no firmly established film producing companies or studios.Alcoholism destroys millions of families, social relationships and careers.That was the end of a brief and brilliant acting career the legal adviser, who was also a member of the Story Department, had unwittingly brought about that sad end.He probably began his career as an actor in London, and he earned enough as author to acquire landed property.Nayudu, an outstanding Indian batsman of his time, lives on in the popular imagination when some of his great contemporaries like Palwankar ithal and Palwankar Baloo have been forgotten because his career lasted long enough for him to play Test cricket for India while theirs did not.Never in his career as a postman had he known that address.Political leaders all over the world, like all other professionals, are motivated by a desire to advance their political careers.If it confirms Dutta's finding it will be the high point in his lifelong career as amateur astronomer.

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