Catch example sentences

For instance, we consciously wave at waiters or friends to catch their attention.He would catch a female monarch, take her eggs, and raise them in his basement through their life cycle, from egg to caterpillar to pupa to adult butterfly.On January 2, 1997, people from 33 villages of Tawa started the new year with the first catch.They learn how to catch fish and how to collect material from the forests.Human rights organisations and the media were saying that the state government was not serious about pursuing these cases or catching the culprits.These are small storage reservoirs, which intercept and store the run-off of smaller catchment areas.Think of a child who loses her/his parents at a young age with no one to take care of her/him; a young woman who loses her husband in a car accident; parents who bring up children who are physically or mentally challenged; young girls/boys who have to spend long nights in call centres and then catch up on their sleep during the day time.This was because they set up the cooperative which would buy the catch from them at a fair price.Certain catchwords (e.g., shy, sensitive, quiet, concerned, warm, etc.There is enough fish catch from the river – enough fish to eat and enough fish to sell in the market.) If you re going to chase them one by one, you won t catch very many.Rose managed to catch Madam Lyngdoh outside the classroom, something she had been planning to do for some time.Kingfishers dive for their catch, while squirrels and langurs drop partially eaten fruit for the mischief of enjoying the splash and the ripple effect in the clear water.Design your leaflet and give it an eyecatching title.'When France sneezes,' Metternich once remarked, 'the rest of Europe catches cold.

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