Clean example sentences

It was sleek and clean and had a sweet scent of grass.Women and girls walk for several kilometres to collect clean water, as you read in Chapter 1 Is it not a serious matter for human dignity? You have studied in Chapter 16 about the increasing scarcity of freshwater due to population growth, pollution, industrial development, mismanagement and other factors.The water was still, and the tiled bottom was as white and clean as a bathtub.Once the metal cooled and solidified, the clay cover was carefully removed, and the image was cleaned and polished.Other research findings show that watching violence may actually reduce the natural aggressive tendency of the viewers : what is 'bottled up' gets an outlet, and thus cleans the system, like a choked drainpipe being cleaned.Let us make a mindmap of the many uses of clean water.And while this awareness of the need for a clean environment is increasing, there is little concern for the safety of the workers themselves.Natural gas is an important clean energy resource found in association with or without petroleum.Some countries now use alcohol as an additive in petrol since it is a cleaner fuel which gives rise to only carbon dioxide and water on burning in sufficient air (oxygen).These measures have resulted in cleaner air for the city.They do a lot of work – sweeping and cleaning, washing clothes and dishes, cooking, looking after young children or the elderly.“As soon as he gets clean and dressed up, you will see something different.Abrasive minerals like silica, limestone, aluminium oxide and various phosphate minerals do the cleaning.In those days, his life contained such things as mothers and flowers and high hopes and friends and clean thoughts and clean clothes.Mona and Raju were helping Amma to clean their house.

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