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It is based on the assumption that socially accepted behaviour is not abnormal, and that normality is nothing more than conformity to social norms.This would be a case of compliance also called 'external/public conformity'.Less conformity is found under private expression than it is seen under public expression.This kind of rational conformity can be thought of as learning about the world from the actions of others.The conditions described above show how the features of the situation are important in determining the degree of conformity shown.You start identifying with the group, begin showing conformity, and as a consequence your views become strengthened.What lessons are to be learned from the results of these experiments on conformity? The main lesson is that the degree of conformity among the group members is determined by many factors which are situation-specific.They illustrate some of the conditions that determine the extent of conformity, and also methods that may be adopted for the study of conformity in groups.The pioneering experiments on conformity were carried out by Sherif and Asch.This section describes three important group influence processes, i.e. conformity, compliance and obedience.Conformity is greater when the group is small than when the group is large.Conformity may also occur because of normative influence, i.e. influence based on a person's desire to be accepted or admired by others.What would you do in such a situation? What do you think most people of your age would do? If your answer is that you would agree to sign the letter, you have expressed a form of social influence called 'conformity' which means behaving according to the group norm, i.e. the expectations of other group members.Conformity is the most indirect form (you are conforming because you do not want to deviate from the norm).The issue of shares for cash is required to be made in strict conformity with the procedure laid down by law for the same.

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