Considerable example sentences

A considerable period of time may elapse before any improvement in net exports is apparent.In exchange, they were permitted to enjoy considerable autonomy in their watan jagirs.Besides, I came from a particularly well-to-do family, so I enjoyed considerable prestige.You seem to have taken a considerable amount of trouble.Note: There is considerable difference between the character of the thermodynamic property energy and that of a mechanical property such as volume.What do you think will stop the local people in behaving in a similar manner? Lastly, we come to the nature and wildlife enthusiasts who are in no way dependent on the forests, but who may have considerable say in their management.Here the river carries a large volume of water and considerable amount of silt.Considerable social change took place in the subcontinent during the period we have been examining.From the above discussion, we can see that there continues to be considerable underemployment in agriculture.Twins separated early in childhood also show considerable similarity in their intellectual, personality and behavioural characteristics.(2) States that had enjoyed considerable independence under the Mughals as watan jagirs.From your childhood days, you may have spent considerable time thinking about who you are, and how you are different from others.His concept of identity crisis of adolescent age has drawn considerable attention.Crop production involves considerable costs on seeds, fertilisers, pesticides, water, electricity, repair of equipment, etc.During the week the two had developed considerable affinity for each other.

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