Damage example sentences

Corrosion causes damage to car bodies, bridges, iron railings, ships and to all objects made of metals, specially those of iron.Photochemical smog leads to cracking of rubber and extensive damage to plant life.Some of these human actions harm and damage the environment, and ultimately harm themselves, in numerous ways.It is an agenda to combat environmental damage, poverty, disease through global co-operation on common interests, mutual needs and shared responsibilities.Adequate measures are taken to control pests that can damage the crop.Greatest damage is usually closest to the epicentre and the strength of the earthquake decreases away from the centre.As a result, there are more chances of causing damage to our natural resources to the point of destroying their balance completely.It is known that the court judgment will be in favour of the customer and the trader will be required to pay the damages.If weeds and pests are not controlled at the appropriate time then they can damage the crops so much that most of the crop is lost.These events are called 'disasters' because they cannot be prevented, usually come without any warning, and result in immense damage to human lives and property.However, the increasing population and industrialisation have already damaged this mighty river beyond repair.To control the damage created by such delays, Sterling had to take some corrective measures.There are many examples when a natural biotic community of the ecosystem suffered extensive damage because of the introduction of exotic species.Therefore, after the war, DDT was put to use in agriculture to control the damages caused by insects, rodents, weeds and various crop diseases.Private companies, contractors, business persons, in order to make higher profits, resort to unfair practices such as paying workers low wages, employing children for work, ignoring the conditions of work, ignoring the damage to the environment (and hence to the people in the neighbourhood) etc.

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