Delay example sentences

In Indian society, medical advice by or for a female is often delayed because of various reasons — they are less valued, or because of the belief that they are hardy, or the shame associated with the disease.They acted arrogantly, marched into villages with sepoys and peons, and punished weavers for delays in supply – often beating and flogging them.The Rajya Sabha can only delay it by 14 days or suggest changes in it.Some of the delays and complications introduced by institutions are very useful.Any defects or delay in delivery is dealt with strictly.Prashant was determined to seek out his family without further delay.It represents the sequence of those activities which are important for timely completion of the project and where no delays can be allowed without delaying the entire project.“To avoid any further delay, I will come to the point right away.Involving the people in these decisions does lead to delays in decision making.So many people have to be consulted in a democracy that it leads to delays.In most melodramas the villain is foolish enough to delay his killing long enough to be frustrated.They find it difficult to wait or take turns, have difficulty resisting immediate temptations or delaying gratification.But in some cases, to avoid any possibility of delay or default, an instrument of credit is used through which the buyer assures the seller that the payment shall be made according to the agreed conditions.We often decide to delay or defer the satisfaction of certain needs.Learning to delay or defer the gratification of needs is called self-control.

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