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It may be represented by H2O (l) ƒ H2O (vap) The double half arrows indicate that the processes in both the directions are going on simultaneously.Thus, in order to attain equilibrium again reaction moves in the forward direction.If 'hydro' means water and 'chemo' refers to chemicals, what would 'hydrotropism' and 'chemotropism' mean? Can we think of examples of these kinds of directional growth movements? One example of chemotropism is the growth of pollen tubes towards ovules, about which we will learn more when we examine the reproductive processes of living organisms.In addition, one must also consider the direction and extent of attitude change.In his hand is a pole with an attachment at the top from which fifty or sixty bansuris protrude in all directions, like the quills of a porcupine.But when the moon is in its first and last quarter, the ocean waters get drawn in diagonally opposite directions by the gravitational pull of sun and earth resulting in low tides.More commonly, plants respond to stimuli slowly by growing in a particular direction.Whichever exceeds in its tendency of donating a proton over the other shall be termed as the stronger acid and the equilibrium will shift in the direction of weaker acid.Some measures in that direction are described below.Improvement in technology is a fascinating area for students and you may, with a few directions, encourage them to do their own explorations.But since most of the members belong to a party, they go by the direction of the party leadership, irrespective of their personal opinions.To proceed in this direction, it is important to know the psychological dimensions of poverty and deprivation, and their major causes.The analysis of responses is based on the type and direction of aggression.Consider a situation in which an object is being displaced by the action of forces and we identify one of the forces, F acting opposite to the direction of the displacement s, that is, the angle between the two directions is 180º.Motivation and leadership are two key components of direction.

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