Disease example sentences

The British saw overcrowded spaces as unhygienic and unhealthy, the source of disease.It is an agenda to combat environmental damage, poverty, disease through global co-operation on common interests, mutual needs and shared responsibilities.These are conditions in which there are physical symptoms in the absence of a physical disease.Have you ever seen the damages caused to the crops, food items by insects, rodents, weeds and crop diseases etc? How can we protect them? You are acquainted with some insecticides and pesticides for protection of our crops.The diseases, besides causing death, reduce milk production.The physiological systems involved in alarm reaction and resistance become ineffective and susceptibility to stress-related diseases such as high blood pressure becomes more likely.arieties or strains of crops can be selected by breeding for various useful characteristics such as disease resistance, response to fertilisers, product quality and high yields.Not only is it necessary for us to be able to meet our daily needs but safe drinking water can prevent many water-related diseases.It was also observed that the multi-purpose projects induced earthquakes, caused waterborne diseases and pests and pollution resulting from excessive use of water.Therefore, after the war, DDT was put to use in agriculture to control the damages caused by insects, rodents, weeds and various crop diseases.One of the symptoms in this disease is a swollen neck.It means the ending of poverty and ignorance and disease and inequality of opportunity.Kurosawa reported the appearance of symptoms of the disease in uninfected rice seedlings when they were treated with sterile filtrates of the fungus.Field crops are infested by a large number of weeds, insect pests and diseases.Ebright thought the disease might be carried by a beetle.

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