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A balanced budget multiplier of unity implies that a 100 increase in G financed by 100 increase in taxes increases income by just 100.HgCl2 also decreases red colour because Hg2+ reacts with SCN– ions to form stable complex ion [Hg(SCN)4]2–.How can we talk about democracy at the global level? Is there any world government? Who is the president of the world? If there is no government, how can it be democratic or non-democratic? Let us respond to the question that came up in this conversation: Does an increase in the number of democratic countries all over the world automatically lead to democratic relations among countries? Before we do that, let us think about the point raised by Surinder.To check the increased repulsive forces, molecule will have to possess more energy and thus has lesser stability.The country from which we were importing and making payments in gold would face an increase in prices and costs, so their now expensive exports would fall and their imports of the first country's now cheap goods would go up.The atmosphere prevents the sudden increase in temperature during the daylight hours.It has been argued that there is a decrease in investment due to a reduction in the amount of savings available to the private sector.Yields are increased by locating large schools of fish in the open sea using satellites and echo-sounders.Over the years his government has changed the constitution several times to increase the powers of the President and make him less accountable.As the temple gained in importance as a centre of pilgrimage, its authority in social and political matters also increased.The CNS passes on motor messages to initiate the contraction of smooth muscles of the bladder and simultaneous relaxation of the urethral sphincter causing the release of urine.The credit helps him to meet the ongoing expenses of production, complete production on time, and thereby increase his earnings.He proved to be so creative that he could design an improved type of plough, which increased the yield of wheat.Large amounts of methane are released in paddy fields, coal mines, from rotting garbage dumps and by fossil fuels.However, the rate of increase in pressure decreases with time due to condensation of vapour into water.

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